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G2-NOC Network Support Services

What are the hardware requirements?

A server class machine is required for Network Support Services. On-site Manager (OM) is installed for Network Monitoring on the designated OM box (Server).

Windows 2008 server STD Edition with SP2

  • CPU speed (1.0 GHz) - Memory (1 GB)
  • CPU speed (1.8 GHz) - Memory (2 GB)
  • CPU speed (1.8 GHz) - Memory (2 GB)
  • CPU speed (3.0 GHz) - Memory (4 GB)
  • Minimum of 6GB Disk space to be provided on the OM Installation drive

Can I use an LPI license that was previously purchased for G2-NOC?

Yes. The reseller can bring their own on–premise or hosted license that has been previously purchased. There are set-up fees for this option and time and labor fees do apply.

Can I use the RDP functionality in LPI’s Managed Workplace solution if they purchased the G2-NOC bundle?


What are the different services offered?

Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus are the three services offered.


  • Monitoring & alerting for servers and network devices
  • Proactive checks on servers
  • Preventive Maintenance on desktops
  • Asset Inventory


  • In addition to everything in Gold: Troubleshooting and fix on servers

Platinum Plus

  • In addition to everything in Gold and Platinum: Troubleshooting and fix on desktops.

What types of devices are supported as part of 24X7 monitoring and alerting?

Monitoring and alerting packages can include Servers and / or Desktops depending on the service level agreement. Additional device monitoring for up / down status only: Switches, Routers, Firewalls and Access Points.

What is the difference between Platinum and Platinum plus Services?

The differences between these services are that desktop troubleshooting and fix are not included in Platinum services

What are Email/Anti-virus applications packaged with the Geeks@Home & Work NOC services?

Trend Micro Office Scan 8.0 is bundled in all the 3 (Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus) packages.

Does the G2-NOC communicate to the end users?

No, we don’t communicate with end users.

What SLA’s are in place for the G2-NOC Services offering?

The response time SLA’s for each of the priorities are below:

  • P0 incidents are responded within 15 Minutes.
  • P1 incidents are responded within Two hours.
  • P2 incidents are responded within four hours.
  • P3 incidents are responded within twenty four hours.

Which backup applications does the G2-NOC monitor?

Symantec Backup Exec 8.x, 9.x and above

Which database application is monitored?

Microsoft SQL

Which antivirus applications are monitored?

Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro

If a user utilizes Symantec or McAfee Anti-Virus (AV), will the G2-NOC push out the AV client of these products to machines that do not have anti-virus installed?

No, the G2-NOC will only install bundled Trend Micro Antivirus on the machines as part of the Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus services.

What are the contract terms?

Month to month, auto-renewing contracts with a 30 day cancellation notice required.

What category/classification of Microsoft patches are installed?

By default, Microsoft security and critical patches are installed on desktops and servers.

Does the G2-NOC install upgrades or service packs?

No, the G2-NOC will not install upgrades or service packs

How are security and critical patches installed on desktops and servers?

Desktops: Security and critical patches are installed every weekend (Friday night through Sunday night if necessary).

What is Proactive maintenance?

The G2-NOC will perform Exchange and Active Directory health checks and will create tickets if there are any errors found. In addition, output reports are available from Epicenter for review.