Onsite Computer Repair

Hours of operation for onsite computer repair technicians:

Onsite computer repair is available from: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday 9am to 5pm. An addtional extended onsite computer repair option is available 24 x 7 x 365.

Is there a warranty on onsite computer repair service calls?

Geeks@Home & Work has a 90 day labor warranty on onsite computer repair service calls and a 15 day warranty for onsite computer hardware repairs. Manufacturer warranties apply to software only. If hardware problems occur at a later date within the Manufacturers warranty period it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the hardware vendor for a replacement.

How are hourly labor rates calculated for onsite computer repair?

The labor charge for onsite computer repair is calculated from the time the technician arrives at the job site to the departure time and is rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Onsite computer repair rates are calculated in 15 minute increments. There is a one hour minimum that only applies to an initial onsite computer repair visit. If additional onsite computer repair visits are required to the same location regarding the original computer problem or related problems, then the one hour minimum charge is not applied again.

What are the general costs for onsite computer repair?

View the Onsite Support Rates page

Are there any additional expenses for an onsite computer repair service call?

Additional expenses such as parking, shipping and toll charges may be billable to the customer. If you are requesting an onsite computer repair visit, please inform the person you are speaking with of any additional costs the service tech may incur to complete the service call.

Free onsite assessments for businesses

Geeks@Home & Work offers free onsite assessments for businesses in most cases. Please ask to speak with a senior Geeks@Home & Work team member if you are requesting a free onsite assessment for your business.

Geeks@Home & Work Team Member Levels - Level 0 to Level 5

Technical Expertise/Skill-set Guidelines

Desktop Help Desk Support Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Pulling Cables          
DOA Power-up Test          
Un box/Set-up Equipment           
Assisting/Wall Mounting           
Desktop Cleanup/Migration           
Stand-Alone Printer Repair           
Plug-n-play Installation           
POS Systems basic retail setup          
Network Cable Testing          
Audio/Visual Installations          
Pre-configured Routers & Switches          
Network Printers Service          
MFP & Scanner Service           
Server Rack & Stack           
Microsoft Applications Triage           
Ethernet & Token Ring Topologies          
Site Surveys          
Configuring Routers & Switches          
Configuring VoIP Phones           
Install Blackberry/Treo           
Microsoft Outlook           
Tape Back-up Knowledge           
Remote Access Support           
RAID Troubleshooting & Installation           
NAS/Appliances Installations           
Blackberry Enterprise Server           
Microsoft Exchange           
Cisco CCNA, CCDA          
Back-up Software Installation          
VPN & Firewall Configuration      
McAfee/Symantec Expertise           
Wireless Site Assessment & Design           
Check Point/Oracle/Red Hat           
Cisco CCNP CCDP CCIP           
Veritas S/W Installation           
Notes/Domino Assessment        
Security Consulting        
EMC Storage Implementation        
RFID/AutoID Capture        
PMI/Project Managers        
BC/DR and Compliance Consulting          
SQL Consulting Expertise          

  • Spyware and Adware is billable initial scan is supported, intrusive scanning is an additional charge
  • Custom applications should have a clear escalation to software vendor
  • Citrix Administration is limited to connection issues and user administration (no server work or application publishing)
  • OS and system updates are not included
  • Maintenance related to Daylight Savings Time is not included
  • Exchange is limited to individual issues provided we have mail configuration information and site issues can be escalated back to the Onsite Support.